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November 3, 2010

Competition exists in many forms. It could be an official competition of a game or sport, a competition between friends on results, competition set by yourself against others and even having competition with yourself. There may also be other forms of competition I have not written but that’s not the point.

To participate in a competition is like to set a goal for yourself to beat whatever you’re competing against. It provides you with a bar to jump over. Competition provides you with the spirit to strive and improve in order to win. It acts as a form of motivation for you.

That’s for individual case so what about competitions among companies to get clients? It is only with competition that they will constantly improve themselves to provide a better product or service to win clients to gain income. When a company dominates with no challengers, they tend to slack off and remain stagnant because they would win anyone with only itself to compete. This applies of course to large parties and groups as well just not winning clients but other things.

Competition, the key to improvement




October 31, 2010

Rose among the thorns



Frustrations of being unable to communicate

October 31, 2010

Have you ever been to a country where you have zero knowledge the language spoken there. There you go thinking that english is the main language of the world but in reality, here is the scoop. There are millions of languages around the world and not everyone speaks english.

Being in around people of all different backgrounds, one must learn to understand that it is close to impossible to communicate with people who speak different language. At most, one can only attempt to read the body language and reckon what their partner is trying to communicate to you. Believe me when I say this, most of these predictions come out wrong.
Due to this, what should one do?

First, BE CONSIDERATE. One should try to remain calm and understand that your partner is probably feeling the same frustrations as you are.

BE PATIENT. Being patient with one another could ease the possible tensions that may arise. This would also help in ensuring that the attempt to communicate could turn out for the better.

PICK UP A NEW LANGUAGE. Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, French…. It is always good to pick up a different language. In this globalized world, it is important to know that eventually one would encounter a new friend or business partner who do not share a particular language of communication.

The main idea I am trying to explain here is, it is important that one should pick up new languages whenever you have the opportunity. Try language classes, universities or even better immersion courses.

Of course being able to constantly practice the language you are learning really helps in mastering it. Well one thing is for sure, it definately is easier to speak using your mother tongue, but if possible try your very best to practice speaking in the new language.


September 5, 2010

Almost everyone have things they want to achieve. If they don’t there’s the good possibility where they achieved the having no desire point or the bad possibility where they’re just wandering aimlessly. Different people have different things they want to achieve and the difficulty to also differ. Have you ever doubted if you have the ability to achieve something?

Almost anything can be achieved. It’s just whether or not you’re willing to put in the effort needed to and willing to sacrifice what is needed to be sacrificed. If you doubt your IQ, it can actually be trained. If you doubt your physical, of course if can be trained. If you doubt your skills, quick thinking ability, creativity or anything that relates to ability, it can be trained. Of course, there are some things that isn’t only about ability but need isn’t suited for your personality. That’s where the ability of changing or acting is needed.

It’s just that very often people are not willing to change or act or put in the amount of effort needed. Knowing how to do it, having the ability to do it and having the desire to do it don’t mean you have to do it. Sometimes there are many more factors to take into account. Worth it or not, it’s for yourselves to judge but I assure you if you really want to do/get something, almost nothing can stop you.

If you’re willing to, you’ll be able to

– ?? –


July 25, 2010

Have you ever doubted that you aren’t in the reality? Have you ever felt the fear of being confused of which is reality and which is your dream? Have you ever been convinced by your dream and believed it’s the reality? My answer to all 3 questions is I have. Recently I’ve watched the movie Inception directed by Christopher Nolan. It’s another great movie by this director. The movie revolves between dream and reality.

Many people when being troubled by matters in the reality, they hope to go to the dream world where they can be relieved of them. However when they wake up, they realize they’ve been deceived by themselves. Reality isn’t always the bad world though. Sometimes you dream of what you really hope wouldn’t happen in the reality and in the dream world it does. Upon the return to reality, a sigh of relief is exhaled.

So is this world we call reality a reality? Maybe we’re all actually living in a dream waiting to be woken up. Do you remember the 1st year of your life? What makes you think this is reality then?

The thing is, why does it even matter? Whether or not this is just a dream, you’re living in it now. Instead of wasting time to find out if it is reality why don’t just live life to its fullest and achieve things you want? If you’re really in a dream, all the more reason to try to achieve your dreams. If in any of the 2 realms you can achieve them it’s the dream realm.

Dreamers achieve their dreams in both dream and reality

– ?? –

Trees or Water

June 26, 2010

After reading and agreeing with the previous post entitled “What’s the deal with pay toilet?”, something came up to my mind about toilets. We all know that in every toilets in every places, shopping complexes, hotels, sports centers, restaurants, public areas, etc…, there are several types of toilet bowls in this century. The most common type is just a normal toilet bowl and many people uses toilet paper while for some, there’s an automatic built-in water spray toilet bowl seat where an individual can clean their “ass” with water.

The question is should we use toilet papers that is produced by trees or use water to clean our “ass” after our big business?

In comparison, one(1) tree produces about hundred(100) pounds of toilet paper and about 83 million rolls are produced per day. On the other hand, many ALWAYS waste gallons of water after doing their using the toilet.

So have a choice people, save the trees? Or save the water? Which is important? Or there’s an alternative way to clean our “ass” after “performing” constipation activity in the toilet?

– The Mimic –

Education is what we hate but can’t avoid from.

June 23, 2010

I have no idea why am I investing my assignment time for this post.

Well, since I am a student, obviously this topic is closely related to me. Probably the reason why I am here. So this is what I am going to bring up.

Should exams be abolished?

Discussions and suggestions were made by the government lately, whether we should all abolish UPSR and PMR that seems to be pretty unnecessary for students. Even debates that I’ve attended brought up this issue. And now that my lecturer brought up this question during critical thinking class today, I would like to point out my point of views.

To me, UPSR should be abolished. It’s reasonable to abolish PMR but probably not so advisable. But most importantly, exams should not be abolished completely (which answers to the question, should exams be abolished).

Well why is it reasonable to abolish UPSR? First of all, they are purely primary kids that require more fun time rather than being pressured by their parents to go for tuition classes almost everyday just to score UPSR with flying colours. That’s utterly absurd in the first place. If you give it a second thought, how far can this UPSR result bring a person? As for PMR, we can always take it as a pre SPM public exam. An exam to keep the students mentally prepared for SPM . Probably just to give a feel on how public exams are conducted. With the PMR result, students may also evaluate both their basic strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the upper secondary.

Getting back into my point, I personally think that exams should not be abolished. Although I agree to a certain extend that exams cause unnecessary stress to students, but it is also a form of stress that motivates a student to study harder. Moreover, exams also provide consistency in students.

Honestly, I do last minute study myself. But come to think of it, if there weren’t any exams to pressure me, I would probably lazy around, facebook everyday and etc. It happens to the majority who just completed their SPM. Most of us simply lazed around during the break before the results were released. We did hardcore gaming, we catch up with buddies almost everyday till our pockets went dry, we became nocturnal because we watched drama all night long, and the list goes on.

And tell me, without exams, what are SPM qualification, pre-u qualification, diploma, degree, masters and phD? How are we going to measure these qualifications without written examination? You may tell me that what’s most important is the EQ. Then tell me, what are the proves that you can use to certify that you’ve achieved certain level of qualification without going through standardized public examination? If you were to go for a job interview, what are you going to show without the certificates? How is the boss going to judge and evaluate whether you’re capable or not based on the 1hour at max interview?

Last but not least, getting way off topic, why are the books here so expensive when the government is trying to encourage us to read more?!?! Probably they should consider subsidising book price instead of subsidising the petrol because ….

Cheap books = more education

More education = long term investment

Long term investment = produce good natives

Produce good natives = productive country.

With that, our country doesn’t need to depend on resources, tolls or even income tax to develop because manpower and profession rate super high 😛


-fLappy biRd-